In the quest to improve the material wellbeing and welfare of the citizens, various governments in Nigeria have over time embarked upon numerous developmental policies, plans, programmes and projects. KTINL as a way of contributing and supporting the government and alleviating poverty in the country is keen on establishing some vital industries in the country especially in the area of agricultural processing plants. By virtue of establishing cassava, palm oil and cocoa plantations, KTINL will establish a tapioca processing plant for the production of starch.
Our aim is to make the country the leading producing of oil palm while creating huge employment (both directly and indirectly) opportunities and alleviating poverty in the country.


KTINL will establish a tapioca processing plant for the production of starch and cassava chips. Our plant will have a minimum capacity of 300 Tons/day which represents about 1,000 -1,200 Tons of cassava roots which we intend to source both from our own plantations, our small-holder farmers associations and also from villagers at a competitive rate.
Our operations at the plant will be environmentally friendly as we plan to construct about 12 water reservoirs which will be 250 meters long, 50 meters wide and 8 meters deep for wastewater from the plant before we release to the river. We also have plans of partnering with a renewable energy company to produce electricity from the wastewater. The Bio-gas produced from the waste water as raw material will be exclusively used by the plant in tapioca starch production to stop using electricity.
The left-over cassava from the tapioca production process is used to produce fertilizer and food extract for livestock.

Tapioca can be adapted into various products such as seasoning and it can be used in industrial factories in producing paper composites, cloth and others, it can also be used as 90-degree alcohol, candies, sweet, and glue, noodles and white noodles. We shall also establish an ethanol plant using cassava as a raw material (will definitely be from our numerous plantations and outgrowing arrangement with villages – poor families). KTINL will also establish a palm oil and palm kernel refining plant. For our fruit plantations, we shall establish a processing and packaging center for the fruits for the local and international market (export).

These establishments are very vital, as they will utilize the proceeds from the plantations thereby creating a ready market of the proceeds from the farming of the small-scale farmers. It shall also reduce the unemployment rate in the stat as good number of youths will be employed and taken off the streets and from crime.


Apart from the other processing plants, we plan to establish to corn processing plant to manufacture modified starches and other derivatives like liquid glucose, dextrose monohydrate, dextrose anhydrous and sorbitol among others both for domestic and international market, The plant will also be able to produce corn gluten meal, corn fibre and corn cake for livestock feeds.

We are trading and Investment Company. We invest where we can have the greatest impact. Our priority is to ensure that our investment and business activities are sustainable, financially viable and alleviates poverty by way of job creation both directly and indirectly.
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