With a quickly-expanding population, technology adoption and rising investment, by 2050 the nation is expected to become the first African nation to become a top 15 global economy
(source PwC: the World in 2050(February 2017 analysis)
Nigeria’s operating landscape. 2018 Budget PwC)


Nigeria accounts for 47% of West Africa’s population
Nigeria has the largest population of youth in the world
Nigeria has an abundance of natural resources, Nigeria-Africa’s biggest oil exporter also has the largest natural gas reserves on the continent.
Source: worldbank.org


CBN Plans Revival of Moribund Manufacturing Companies with N500bn


Enhancing commercial cassava production


Areas of Interest


Agricultural growth is the key to Poverty Alleviation and Critical to economic prosperity. Agriculture is believed to spur economic and industrial growth and assist disadvantaged communities.


In the quest to improve the material wellbeing and welfare of the citizens, various governments in Nigeria have over time embarked upon numerous developmental policies, plans, programmes and projects.


This is a key element of poverty alleviation. Its impact is felt both on the economic and social sectors. Without roads, the poor are not able to sell their output on the market, without electricity the industrialization process, which provides the poor an important source of employment is unlikely to takeoff. 

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