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We are trading and Investment Company. We invest where we can have the greatest impact. Our priority is to ensure that our investment and business activities are sustainable, financially viable and alleviates poverty by way of job creation both directly and indirectly.


This is a key element of poverty alleviation. Its impact is felt both on the economic and social sectors. Without roads, the poor are not able to sell their output on the market, without electricity the industrialization process, which provides the poor an important source of employment is unlikely to takeoff.

The social and economic impact often-go hand in hand. For the poor, the most dramatic impact of inadequate infrastructure may be less the result of lack of infrastructure per se but more the lack of access to that infrastructure. What good is a road if the poor can only afford to walk? What good is electrification if the poor cannot afford to connect?

Our aim is to use our investment in infrastructural development to reduce and or alleviate poverty. Provide infrastructure that can be accessed by everyone especially the poor. Encourage industrialization so as to promote employment of the poor.
We shall focus on the following infrastructural development;
 Intra-Transport System Development
 Road Construction
 Industrial Park
 Inland Dry Port
 Renewable Energy

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