is a Trading and Investment company indigenously owned and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with registration number RC. 1024733

The Company is created to spur the economic growth of Nigerian economy by deploying capital in commercial, viable and strategic industries that are pivotal to the development of the country and be of economic benefits to her citizens in a sustainable way while creating wealth for her shareholders.

The Company’s long term investment strategy is to focus on projects that are sustainable, have developmental impact and provide tangible social benefits while alleviating poverty in the country and delivering strong financial returns to her shareholders.

KTINL is focused on further growth by taking advantage of the numerous opportunities available in the country by driving the establishment of new industries, agricultural and infrastructural developments in collaboration with strong strategic and technical partners.

Our investments shall simultaneously increase small-scale farmers productivity and income, diversify farmers income through value chain development and create more and better jobs for the community. We would also partner with government as we are aware that reducing poverty requires investing in rural non-farm economies, strengthening rural institutions and organizations, and expanding the coverage of social policies, social protection basic infrastructure and public services. However, as a player in the private sector, our investments shall be pivotal in helping create markets for the poor (for instance; being the off-taker for the farm produce produced by the villagers and the small-scale farmers), adding value to the primary agricultural products (like processing of the agricultural produce into other products), lowering the cost of technologies and services and fostering decent rural employment, this would contribute to achieving United Nations sustainable development goal 8 (eight) which is to ensure decent work and economic growth.


Community Development:

Komac shall contribute to the creation of jobs with good working environment and good working conditions.


We are committed to remain diverse and productive indefinitely. while coordinating the environmental , social and financial demand and concerns to ensure responsible, ethical and ongoing success of our business. We ensure that all our investment meet the three demands(environmental,social and finical.)

Financial Viability:

Before embarking on any project, it is paramount and mandatory that we conduct the feasibility on the project to determine that first, the project is financially attractive with reasonable return on investment to our shareholders and partners, second, it must be able to create job thus part of the reason of our existence and third, must be sustainable .


Alleviating poverty through our sustainable world-class product development, service delivery, and investment decisions while exceeding both our customers and shareholders expectations.


To innovate, develop and introduce new product and service deliveries

To build long term relationships by ensuring customer delight with our products and services while helping eradicate poverty.

Consistently upgrading knowledge and capabilities to ensure creativity and innovation in both developments of products and rendering of services that are beneficial to social strata.

Integrating our employees satisfaction into our corporate policies and strategy towards achieving higher productivity.

Komac Strategy
We shall focus on Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Alliances and Synergies with both the Federal Government, State Governments, Local and Foreign companies and Governments, Organizations and Associations towards the actualization of our various investment decisions.
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