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We are trading and Investment Company. We invest where we can have the greatest impact. Our priority is to ensure that our investment and business activities are sustainable, financially viable and alleviates poverty by way of job creation both directly and indirectly.

Inland Dry Port

A dry port also known as Inland Container Depot (ICO) is an inland intermodal terminal directly connected by road or rail to seaport, and operating as a center for the transshipment of sea cargo to inland destinations. The dry Port will receive cargos from seaport through the rail way and send back the containers through the same channel. The dry port will also have warehousing facilities for storage of goods (which will be available for rent). Containers can also be waded on trucks to final customer destination from dry Port, as there will also be a trailer park.

This will reduce the pressure of heavy-duty trucks on our roads and at least extend their life span thereby saving cost for the government by way of reduction in frequent road maintenance due to much pressure.

The inland dry port will create enormous employment opportunities. It will also create more commercial activities thus creating opportunities for markets both locally and internationally, as the dry port is a gateway to seaport, which leads to export opportunities to international countries. This also complements the industrial parks.

Rural dwellers and or poor families can actually export their farm produce to other countries and increase their chances of earning in foreign currencies and increasing their income.

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