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We are trading and Investment Company. We invest where we can have the greatest impact. Our priority is to ensure that our investment and business activities are sustainable, financially viable and alleviates poverty by way of job creation both directly and indirectly.

Industrial Park

Establishment of an Industrial Park in a poverty stricken area or a rural area will support the economic development. This will also increase the establishment of the small-scale industries in the state which will also decrease the unemployment rate in the country as the more the small scale industries spring up the more changes they will employ people.

The Park will also be powered by gas. This will entail the installation or connection of gas pipelines to the rural location where the plant will be situated. This will also create opportunity of constant energy to the poor from the Park. As part of support for the Park, we shall also situate our Agricultural processing plants, ethanol and cassava starch plant, and palm oil refinery in the Park.

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