Population; 185,989,640  (2016)

Life Expectancy at birth, total (years) ; 52.978 (2015)

Poverty Head Count ratio at national Poverty Lines (% of population)– 48.4 (2003)

GDP (Current US) ; 405.083Billion (2016)

GNI per capita Atlas method (current US $) – 2,450 (2016)

Population growth; 2.6%

Population density (people per sq.km of land area); 2014.2

Improved water sources (% of population with access); 69%

Urban population growth (annual %) – 4.3

                                                                                   (Source: worldbank.org)



Nigeria accounts for 47% of West Africa’s population

Nigeria has the largest population of youth in the world

Nigeria has an abundance of natural resources, Nigeria-Africa’s biggest oil exporter also has the largest natural gas reserves on the continent.

                                                                                   ( Source: worldbank.org)


According to the latest poverty report by the National bureau of statistics, NBS, about 112million Nigerians live below poverty level representing 67.1 per cent of the country.

Unemployment Rate; 14.2%

Under employment: 21%

Youth Unemployment/Underemployment; 47.40%

(Source: nigeriansat.gov.ng)

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